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Expectations is a fine place to begin

Me: Good morning!

Party: I ain't signin' nothin!

(3 hours later)

Party:  This has undone years of conflict and disagreements. 

Lawyer: I would have bet anything this couldn't be done.

Me: Congratulations!


Lincoln: Do I not destroy my enemies when I make them my friends?

There are 3 broad types of mediations: 1. Those where a future relationship (to be defined) is a must, 2. Where a future relationship is a possibility, and 3. Regardless of any future relationship.  I love to see people's personal empowerment ignite in an evolutionary nature. 

T.S.Elliott: ...to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.

Neurochemical studies support the techniques I employ successfully, even if we don't always understand how the parts add up to something greater than the whole.  Unless you like me, spend everyday practicing, learning, and thinking about the art & science of conflict engagement, I highly recommend you keep an open mind.  Oh, I do the whole closed-minded thing all the time, but it just takes longer.

Maybe, I should make the mediation free and charge by the insult.  Hmmm.  Insults are huge time wasters, and they mostly speak about who makes them.

Don't be so sure of what you want that you miss-out on something better.

  • Compromise?  Commonly.
  • High value trades?  Better.
  • The real magic happens with creative solutions.  But experience has taught me, it does no good to say Get creative.  Instead, get curious.

  • Pepperdine
  • Los Angeles Superior Court
  • USC

Curiosity is Key

When adversaries (conflict-partners) begin to get curious, some amazing things happen.

Cognitive biases begin to break down:

  • Naive Realism,
  • Essentialism Bias, 
  • Fundamental Attribution Bias,
  • Group Attribution Error,
  • Outgroup Homogeneity & Stereotyping biases to name a few.

We can begin to move from positional bargaining to interest-based problem solving.  In the best cases, the overarching strategy evolves from adversarial to collaborative, and a new truth begins to come into existence.

200% Satisfaction

200% Happens when each side gets what they want through interest-based problem solving.

There's nothing else like mediation!

  • Arbitration is no more nor less than private litigation.  It could not be more different than mediation.  
  • Mediation is the ONLY form of assisted dispute resolution where the parties maintain the power to decide the outcome at all times.

Iron Clad Confidentiality


optional shuttle mediation

No need to meet an adversary



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countersurveillance provisions available

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