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 An invitation to mediate says:

Let’s work it out.   With the right expert assistance, we can do this without making it worse.

Your story of success begins ...

Your future happiness begins with your willingness to consider three possibilities.

1. There may be styles and strategies that can resolve your conflict, which you are not aware of.

2. Your future will be better when this conflict is resolved & behind you, or substantially settled and manageable.

3. Your conflict is a self-contained workshop that is offering you, right now, the opportunity for interpersonal empowerment, with the assistance of the right conflict expert, which you will be able to teach others and use for your own benefit in the future.

Be strong. Be brave.

Conflict engagement can seem scary and intense.  I will get you through to the other side safely.

"He's completely unreasonable."    "She's a liar."    "He's a narcissistic."    "She's a psychopath."  

"He will never agree."    "She will never agree."

You've come to the right place.  I prefer resolving the most challenging  "impossible" conflicts.  The easy disputes don't interest me as much as they did during my first few hundred successful mediations. 

Hurt people hurt people.

While I have engaged in a wide range of business, family, and community conflicts and adapted & invented scalable & broadly applicable skills & techniques, my specialty is engaging with diverse, damaged, dysfunctional, diagnosed or undiagnosed, and toxic personalities effectively and equitably.

When appropriate, I co-mediate with legal, mental health, or subject matter experts.  If I am busy & time is critical, or you want to save money, I can offer you to mediate with one of my expert mediators trained by me personally in my highly effective approach to conflict engagement.

In brief, you'll want to hire me to build rapport with the other side...

Multipartial is better than Neutral.

The more time I spend speaking with your "conflict-partner", the better it is for you, because I practice multipartiality, which is quite different than neutrality.  

Neutral mediators are under-tooled

 for the most challenging & complex conflicts and personalities.  

I actively negotiate with and for both (or all) sides.

Let the journey begin, together

What I do is most commonly referred to as Mediation.  However, whether: facilitator, problem solver, peace builder, conflict specialist, or teacher, you can call it what you will.  I seek only to serve the best way that I can, doing what I was born to do.  

  • I have no political affiliations, in order to make my services available and acceptable to (both or all sides of) as many people, groups, and organizations in conflict as possible.
    • The ability to accept an idea without agreeing or disagreeing with it
    • The ability to hold opposing thoughts in my mind simultaneously

You see, I believe either the mediator can walk into that room and get the job done consistently or not; and if I can, the service has the value added to exceed expectations.  

"Sometimes when you find Mediation, Mediation finds you." - LRD

Mediative Maintenance & Training Services

Contact me for details and scheduling the following services:

Conflict Coaching - Learn the techniques and develop the skills experts employ.  Actively avoid, carefully ripen, strategically freeze, creatively contour, mitigate, manage, or resolve your specific conflict.  These skills then become part of your arsenal for the future, and result in long-term interpersonal  empowerment and greater success in all aspects of your life.

Free  Family Psycho-Support Group - Designed to help caregivers, family members, and friends share stories, understand, develop coping & support skills, and reduce the burden & stressors of living with or being the friend someone with SMI needs most.  These groups fulfill the benefits of shared experiences ascribed to the Multi-Family Education model. (McFarlane 2002) - Lefley 2009, Oxford.  Non-clinically-based.  Non-research-oriented.

Mediator Training - Advanced Mediation Training for professional mediators is offered annually, on a limited basis.  

  • Children's Court Mediation
    • 40-Hour
    • 12-Hour annual (includes 4 hours of Family Violence)
  • Contested Adoption Mediation & The Contact After Adoption Agreement (CAAA)
  • Mediated Settlement Conferences (MSC's of Tomorrow, Today)
  • Rapid Mediation - Overcoming Impasse & Intractability faster

Parenting Plan Coordinator - For the ongoing support of co-parents and their children.  A popular service custom tailored to manage child manipulation, and facilitate: communication, exchanges, temporary, trial, or permanent changes, and holiday & schedule fine-tuning.

Post-Mediation Support 

  • Keep your agreement working for you, with the support you and your conflict-partner need to smooth-out rough patches, fine tune, and even modify your existing mediation agreement with post-mediation support services.
  • Support for agreement enforcement

Speaking Engagements 

  • "The Missing High School Class, Everyday Conflict Engagement Skills"
  • Custom tailored presentation for your group or organization

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Communications that are part of a mediation discussion are confidential and inadmissible, consistent with California Evidence Code sections 703.5 and 1115 thru 1138, and California Code of Civil Procedure section 1775.10.